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Pathways is a deeply chilling journey through trauma, heartache, recovery, and spiritual warfare with an underlying power and strength.


released July 24, 2014

Lindsay Hail Almos-Vocals/synth/piano
Steven Almos-Guitars/Bass

*Drums performed by Chris Hopkins (Earthbound Recordings)
Produced by AndEver and Chris Hopkins
Recorded at Earthbound Recordings, Chula Vista, California



all rights reserved


AndEver San Diego, California

Inspired by true events, AndEver writes music from the heart and soul. Formed as an acoustic duo by Lindsay Hail and Steven Almos, AndEver, began writing a fusion of ballads combined by Lindsay’s strong and powerful voice and Steven’s ferocious guitar riffs into what you hear now with a full-band sound. Influenced by artists such as Killswitch Engage, Metallica, Love and Death, Within Temptation. ... more

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Track Name: Eye Soul 8
Track Name: Synthetic
I see you and all your schemes, I’ve seen them all now and I don’t believe your crooked ways, your accusations, you can’t kick me down (but what if they are true?) Can this struggle end? Never any rest, we need forgiveness in this wicked place and everything is fading. Hypocritical, we’re all in the same boat, when disaster strikes and there’s nothing left, who will save your soul? Emmanuel, what is left in the end, in the last hour? Synthetic happiness in fire, better keep your eyes closed, you could see the truth. This battle lost still longs for hope, what do you live for even if you’re lost alone? What are you living for? What will remain when it’s all over, all over, what will remain in your heart?
Track Name: Dark End Heart
This darkened heart- it consumes me; a mass of destruction, so much has happened. Help me God, I can’t relax- forget it, burn it, let it go and take ahold and save me, save me, I will be there, be there always. Are you close to the broken hearted? Turn from old ways that lead to death, you can’t have my soul, poison lost control, make my steps steady now. Though I stumble I won’t fall if I follow. And you have my heart don’t you now, and the end is drawing near (we’re closer to the end), and our lives are just a shadow (a glimpse of eternity), with you nothing can destroy me
Track Name: Surrender
Everything that lead me to this place seems like such a mystery, yet I know it’s all been my choices. It’s still gonna be a long way, still gonna have some hard days. Bleeding, bleeding, but I know you’re here with me grieving, grieving, but I know you’re here for me. Everything I had to go through and all that I had to let go. Still you’ve been right here by my side through these storms of life. And I will trust you, you’ve never failed me, I will follow, you’ve never left me, I will trust you, you’ve always held me, I will follow you, you’ve never let me go
Track Name: Sustain
Great is your love, it never fails or falters. Even in the dark, I can find you there. How powerful is your word, it’s the one true thing I cling to. In the broken world I’ve realized you sustain me every morning. You fulfill me when I feel there’s nothing left. You defend me; damage only you can mend. You’ll sustain me until the end of time. Great is your strength, lifting through desperation. When I’m lost at sea, you will carry me to shore. Sealed and secure; anchored in the soul, following the truth in these dangerous days. Til the end of time, til the end of time, til the end of time I’ll follow you
Track Name: In The Sky
What am I doing here? All the friends have disappeared. If I keep looking back, I’ll have a heart attack cuz I’m longing, searching, trying but I never seem to get it right. Then I hear you whisper ‘I’ll give you strength to fly.’ And you say to come and follow, I’ll give rest to the weary. Take my hand, take my hand, no turning back. In the sky, in the sky I see you lifted up, you have risen from the dead. In my mind, in my mind I believe the facts and know that I can live again, live again. Remember the days of long ago, oh how the rain poured down. I meditate on all your works and all you’ve done in my life. My soul thirsts for you in a parched land, my arms reach for you, come be my refuge. And now I feel brand new, what you have done, what you have done, what you have done for me. And now I know there’s another chance cuz of your love, cuz of your love, cuz of the blood you shed, you shed for me
Track Name: Ashes Of Clarity
It’s slowly fading after all is said and done, it’s dissipating; drove me crazy. Never thought it’d be just a memory, never thought I’d be the one to leave, and it’s the calm after the storm. Now it’s crystal clear, nothing to fear, past is over. I’ll remember all we went through, I’ll remember all we went through, I will rise from ashes, ashes, tomorrow will be brighter, brighter. All the love and all of the pain, let it heal now, what was real? It’s always gonna be in my memory, always gonna be a part of me, and I’ll pray for you still. All those nights I’d lie awake. Headaches; I could feel the rage, I just didn’t understand why it got so hard to break away and say goodbye, all the evil, all the lies. Searched for answers but inside I knew the truth
Track Name: Sleeper
You feel lost. Each night you cry alone and wonder why you search for that thing to fill the void inside. And you cry, and ask yourself, “why am I so empty, why am I so empty, something aches inside me, why do I feel empty tonight? Help me find the way. You wake in the night, can’t tell your dreams from reality and you wanna fight. You’re captured by this love you found, wide open arms that’ll catch your fall and you break down. And then you cry, and ask yourself again, “why am I so empty…” Help me find the way to the light, to the light, I try with all my might, but I can’t seem to feel at ease with anything, try to fill this void with something, why can’t I just be happy where I’m at; what I’m given, take these tears, and help me live again
Track Name: Illuminate
You’re my angel, you’re my angel, angel. When I’m alone I can feel there’s something on my side, and in the darkness I’m encouraged, I can trust past this night. When I’m falling, feeling broken, your love carries me through it. In your arms I am safe and the past feels erased. You’re always there right by my side, always guiding me to the light, closer to the light. Your love is saving my life
Track Name: Forgive
Some days it seems I can’t feel a thing, and some days this knife won’t stop twisting inside of me. Every memory still too clear, let me go now, let me live. I need to forgive, I need to forgive, need to forgive, I wanna live. Sober and clear now and not quite so blind. Some days I almost think that I can see the light. But it hurts still, I can’t lie. Thoughts they torment, will they die? I need to let it go (I can’t), seem to let it go (but I can’t), need to watch it fade away and get on my knees and pray
Track Name: Creator And Life
There’ve been times throughout my life I’ve felt so hopeless, so lifeless, then you found me. Didn’t know where I was going, all I knew was I needed you to guide me. Creator of my heart, life of my soul, I give me heart to you, give my life to you. There’s still times I wonder, is it really all worth it to suffer, my heart is so betrayed. Then I look to the sky, Lord my master, I’ve let all these things get in the way. To you, for I know, I know that you can do all things.
Track Name: Everlasting
What was I thinking? I could never believe in what I can’t trust. What was I thinking that all my friends would stand by my side? Now that I’ve made it through the darkest time, where’d you all go? Now I step into the light. See the light (step away), show me where I’ve fallen short. I see the light and the way everlasting, this pain is passing. Now I can breathe, now that you’ve cleared away some things that used to block the way (I felt so trapped inside). There is always a choice and I know I gave my all to yesterday; no regrets today. This pain is passing through, it’s running through my heart, my veins, but maybe now I can forgive you. Maybe now I can forget you, maybe now I will forget you